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 “Ms. Charli V” was born and raised in Southeast, Washington DC. She has degrees in Criminal Justice & Forensic Science and working towards her Master's degree in Human Resources Management. Her background spans over 17 years of experience in Healthcare Compliance, Human Resources, Administration, Recruiting and Production. As a Washington Native of the urban community, as a kid she gravitated towards DC’s own Go-Go music. By the age of 16, she was vocally rocking the stage with an all-girl Go-Go Band where she at age 22 later went on to sing, rap and lead talker for a variety of Go-Go and R&B Bands. Grabbing the crowds attention came easily to her as early as age 6, the petite singer led her church gospel choir in song every Sunday.  Charlie would always tell people that she is going to be an entertainer. She has always had a burning passion for music but dabbled in modeling, modern jazz/ ballet and now acting. She is one of many talents, however now prefers to be a “behind the scenes” type woman. 

Charlie started her journey in radio in 2012 as a co-host. She then branched off on her own to produce her own radio show "Da Streets Talkin" and "The Main Dish Cooking/Talk Show."  Her passion for the arts has opened countless doors. This tiny ball of fire is one to be reckoned with. To know her is to love her, for she may be VERY outspoken but has a heart of gold and the drive of a MACK TRUCK! 

Favorite sayings: The delivery might be different but the message is always the same; Don’t Judge Me; & Be Great and Do Dope Sh*t!

Jhonnell “MZ JAHSIE” Ridout is no stranger to music and entertainment. She knew she had love for music and radio broadcasting.  From watching and listening to her father shuffle through records and 8 tracks and playing old school every Sunday morning to creating her very own radio shows by use of a double cassette Sony boom box.  Her passion strongly grew as she entered high school becoming a well known PA announcer and a member of the drama club, where she used her acting talents to develop her vivacious character.

Entering on to college, Jahsie continued her pursuit to express herself though entertainment.  She join various organizations such as Mozik Models where she served as VP and volunteered at the Universities local radio station, WSNC as a voice-over talent for any on-air broadcast.  After departing from Winston Salem State University, where she studied Mass Communications, her career as a radio personality began to flourish.  Jahsie joined a team of Washington DC locals for a chance to become one of the best on-air talents in the Metropolitan area.  As one of the co-host of “The Lab” radio show (WPFW) she conducted radio interviews, speed dating events, producing her own shows and building wonderful relationships with listeners.   With spending several years WPFW 89.3fm, she then decided to try a new venture, joining Ms Tyi Flood of, developing a sisterhood in internet radio, she and Tyi gave talk radio a new look, broadcasting via web, they were heard from all over the US.  Gaining lots of listeners and meeting various music recording artist, Jahsie was soon convinced to broadcast her very own show, displaying her sultry voice and her addiction for music, she turned radio into the sexiest broadcast across the World Wide Web.  Launching her first radio show, “Talking Dirty After Dark”, Mz Jahsie became the voice you would listen to to relax your mind body and soul.  Playing the best in R&B, Soul, Jazz and urban contemporary.  Conducting interviews with Heather Hunter, Pharroh Monch, Bone Crusher, Don Juan, Heather Drake, Konsens and his State of Mind, hip-hop violinist Miri Ben Ari, Byron Long (Adult Film Star) to name a few.  Also hosted community events bringing out artist such as; Main Girl, Bela Dona, Pretty Ricky and Mambo Sauce.  Also worked closely with A&R reps from Universal Records and Core DJ’s.  Jahsie is well known in the community of the Washington DC metropolitan area, she still continues to host various events as well as provides voice-overs for local music producers.

Bradi mostly known for her social media presence as Petty the Prophet was born in Colorado Springs . She discovered her love for music about the age of 11 . She always had a natural talent and need for making people laugh, but at the age 20 of is when she realized she wanted to do it as a profession . Outside the entertainment world Bradi is a certified in Child Development and has worked with kids for 10 years . Bradi has 2 other siblings and a 5 year old son who wants to follow in her footsteps entertainment wise .

Bradi’s Motto is “ People with big spirits are always misunderstood by small minds” Bradi one day hopes to be successful enough to be on SNL OR WILDIN OUT .