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​​ Malik Sneed, 22-year-old creator of "The Campaign" was born and raised in the urban area of SE Washington D.C., along with his partner Donell Diggs 23 years old, also a fellow Washingtonian. The idea was brought to life in June of 2016 when Malik began to feel that he was living/seeing a generation moving through life with no purpose.This brand was created with the intent to send a message to the youth… To Campaign with purpose by having a strong sense of self. Encouraging this generation to take action to inspire and gain a sense of purpose, and that no matter where you are in life there is always room to reach those goals or start new ones. Both Malik and Donell branded their slogan/motto “NEVER COMPLAINING ALWAYS CAMPAIGNING, everything the #CAMPAIGNWAY 

Special guest Jason Easley. Jason is the founder and owner of “ForeverDC”…Urban News & Events. He is also the son of Walter Easley, former 49ers NFL Player who won a Superbowl ring. Jason earned a basketball scholarship to Shepherd University where he graduated with a degree in Communications and Computer Science. He started his career off with a bang, winning numerous awards in marketing, promotions, and local events as well as in radio. His hard-work and dedication flourished his career and allowed him to work for some of the biggest platforms such as The Washington Times, with publisher Hanley Woods while leading up to his own company….ForeverDC.

​​Special guests King Shug & Bilal of 1813 Records. King Shug was born, in Washington, DC. After an early unpredictable start to life, he turned to a career as a rapper, rocketing to stardom with the release of his first mixtape Street Legend . One of the major moments in Shug’s career was the release of his sophomore project Dirty Peach which gained notoriety on the My Mixtapez platform as a DMV Artist. Prentice Anderson has since branched out to become a successful activist for the youth and even managed a major role in the epic Attention Kills Web Series, which depicted him as a “Big Goon” in the DMV area. To his fans, King Shug was always labeled as a “cool, smart, up-and-coming hip-hop artist”.

Bilal was born in Washington, DC. After an early life of crime, drugs, and violence, he turned to a career as a rapper, excelling to an elite artist with the release of his first single Stop Purpin’ in 2012. One of the major moments in Bilal’s career was the release of that single which channeled raw talent hailing from Washington, DC. Since then Bilal has surpassed expectations being featured on nearly 100 different projects. Bilal has had the pleasure of being covered by multiple local rap blogs DMVTMZ, RealTalkDMV,,, and to name a few. Bilal is a talented and creative artist that expresses his pain and passion in all of his music. Bilal is one who delivers a message on each track for the city’s struggle. Bilal can rock the audience with his stage presence and Rap Swag. He is the next thing smoking in the DMV.

​​​​​Special guest DC Actor Thomas Sykes  will be live on-air with the DST team.  Thomas is known for his starring role as Harkim in the movie "BOSS" 1&2. He is also starring in the new movie "Walk In My Shoes".

Special guest Kora Knocks will be in the building!!! Kora The Artist was born in North Carolina but relocated to southeast Washington, D.C. She has a sound that encompassed luscious melodies and gentle tones with hard-hitting beats, synthesizers and daring lyrics. Kora set out to make her mark on the world. Her first public musical recognition was her sophomore year of college at University of Maryland College Park. Kora performed her single “Sick of Love” at a Battle of The Voices event. Though she did not take home first place she was elated with the crowd reception and proud of her dedication to prepare and display true artistry. Kora is making some noise on the indie scene and is due to perform at the DMV TITAN ARTS AWARDS on December 18, 2016 at the Howard Theatre. Check her out at

Special guest conscious hip-hop artist Yusha Assad  will be in the building. We will debut his song "Circus". Be sure to follow him on Instagram at YushaAssadMusic

We interviewed Tattoo, Henna & Body paint Artist Montaeo. Be sure to follow him on Instagram at Mr_Montaeo

On 8.20.16 at 10:30am EST - Ms. Charli V Founder/Producer of Da Streets Talkin Radio Show  was interviewed on "Just Luhuki" TV Talk Show to discuss various social topics that society claims women cannot talk about without acting "unladylike". 


Special guest Big O of Bigpaperchaser. He is a 25 year old artist/songwriter from Suitland Md. Big O has a very unique style and sound of music that would easily stand out in the music industry today. With his smoove rapping and harmonies, Big O brings you a different vibe; a more relaxed vibe, something everyone can listen to. Big O just dropped his official first mixtape on his birthday June 21 entitled Mr. Smoke Good. Take a listen to:​

On 6.9.16 - Da Streets Talkin Radio attended the DMV Powerhouse Concert Layla Lounge in Washington DC. As usual, DC artist showed up and showed out. Shout out to promoters Eddie Kane, Andre “Dre Allday” Long and Mo’ Betta

We interviewed special guests Comedian Tracey Jackson and returning guest, Shawntay Hill.
Tracey M. Jackson aka TMJ loves the spotlight at center stage and will never abandon his life as a stand-up comedian, and many words embody TMJ’s skills, vision and work, but hardworking and sharp-witted are two terms that summarize this comedian’s personality. TMJ delivers his observational, relate-able and amusing self-effacing material in "an animated smooth jazz-like" kind of way. He has been featured in and co-written numerous comedy sketches and short films, he's honed his stage presence while using his real life mishaps and situations by using comedy as a form of therapy that keeps the listening audience in stitches.

Shawntay Hill is one of many talents as she is not only one of the best Brokers in real estate but she is also a mom of three. A little over a year ago Shawntay like most women, struggled to drop the baby weight. Upon being cleared by her doctor, she jumped right into the gym. While the current results took hard work and dedication she also understood that it was time for a healthy lifestyle change. Mrs. Hill is an advocate for HerbalLife. These products along with a healthy diet help keep her on track as she has loss over 40 pounds. Her transition to a healthy lifestyle has led her to start a fitness group. She has managed to inspire other women thru her story and now host fitness classes twice a week at selected locations.

On 4.20.16 - Da Streets Talkin Radio Show welcomes new cohost MZ JAHSIE. She is no stranger to music and entertainment. She knew she had love for music and radio broadcasting. From watching and listening to her father shuffle through records and 8 tracks and playing old school every Sunday morning to creating her very own radio shows by use of a double cassette Sony boom box. Her passion strongly grew as she entered high school becoming a well- known PA announcer and a member of the drama club, where she used her acting talents to develop her vivacious character.

Entering on to college, Jahsie continued her pursuit to express herself though entertainment. She join various organizations such as Mozik Models where she served as VP and volunteered at the Universities local radio station, WSNC as a voice-over talent for any on-air broadcast. After departing from Winston Salem State University, where she studied Mass Communications, her career as a radio personality began to flourish. Jahsie joined a team of Washington DC locals for a chance to become one of the best on-air talents in the Metropolitan area. As one of the co-host of “The Lab” radio show (WPFW) she conducted radio interviews, speed dating events, producing her own shows and building wonderful relationships with listeners. With spending several years WPFW 89.3fm, she then decided to try a new venture, joining Ms Tyi Flood, developing a sisterhood in internet radio, she and Tyi gave talk radio a new look, broadcasting via web, they were heard from all over the US. Gaining lots of listeners and meeting various music recording artist, Jahsie was soon convinced to broadcast her very own show, displaying her sultry voice and her addiction for music, she turned radio into the sexiest broadcast across the World Wide Web. Launching her first radio show, “Talking Dirty After Dark”, Mz Jahsie became the voice you would listen to relax your mind body and soul.

Special guest Mitch Credle, a retired DC Detective turned movie producer/director and writer. Mitch recently filmed and funded his first movie "Boss" in the DC Metropolitan area. Since the release of the film, he has sold out two viewings and counting.

Interviewed special guest M80 ENT/EMPIRE. Around Nov. 2009 M80 unified with 3 rappers: YOUNG S.H.O, OSI-GO, SER-VICE and CG. These artists bonded and create music for different types of crowds. Typically they started with “trap music” but branched out to Pop, R&B and House music. Young Sho the GM also known as Deonte Collins, an artist from Georgia, also the manager/writer of M80 and wrote hit song in the DMV called Yam Yams, spinning over 24k views on Spotify and 1500 downloads. OSI-GO also known as Osi is a DC native and the president of M80 ENT/EMPIRE. He also has shares with Dominex magazine. SER-VICE also known as Mario Smalls is the founder of the company alongside CG. He is the engineer and a great artist as well as writer of The HASH TAG PROJECT, the newest album out. M80 hopes that this album pushes them to the next level as they continue to grow.

Interviewed special guest Sharnice "D'Lilah Blue" Walker. Sharnice was born and raised in the DMV area in October of 1993. Singing since the age of 3, Sharnice knew by age 9 that she wanted to attend Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts. She auditioned and was accepted into Duke in 2007 where she studied vocal music with Angela Powell- Walker as her vocal coach (Classical and Opera) and piano for 3 years. 
Growing up in D.C. was a little tough but D'Lilah made sure to surround herself with music one way or another. She met some great musicians who shared tips with her on how to be better at her craft. She learned how to engineer with Pro Tools and Logic when she was 18. She now writes and records from her home studio using Logic.  Take a listen:

Interviewed special guest James Jamison, a former model from Harlem, New York, is an actor and writer.  He is currently filming “Groove Therapist”, a web series.  James began his modeling career competing in runway shows across the U.S., never receiving less than first runner-up.  He has appeared in a number of calendars, fashion shows and advertisements.  After ten years of modeling, James decided to transition into acting.  He has appeared in various movie projects, music videos, plays and short films.  Joining the cast of the web series “A Circle of Love” sparked James’ interest in filmmaking.  He began writing his own web series titled “Groove Therapist”, which he plans to produce and direct.

Groove Therapist is a story about women who for whatever reason have lost their groove due to bad relationships.  They get it back through the groove therapist who uses his touch as a means of rejuvenation.  As each one of these women transition from committed relationship to single hood they yearn for that something that pulls it all together.  They find it in the groove therapist.

Interviewed special guest Gregory Butler, Jr., the founder and CEO of AllFashionsXclusive, Inc. (A.F.X), a new innovative clothing line located in Washington, DC. Gregory launched A.F.X, Inc. in 2013 but the vision was established in 1995. Gregory attended Art Institute of Washington for graphic design in 2003, where he began his specialization in graphics and creating art. After 18 years, Gregory decided that it was time to implement his dream by starting a local owned small business A.F.X, Inc. AllFasionsXclusive, Inc. is a unique and creative clothing line which also specialize in custom clothing. A.F.X. Inc., clothing provides limited garment to avoid duplicate style. A self-made customize company that thrives off of individuality. Creates artwork through self-expression and provoke emotions which represents one’s personality. A.FX. Inc., was thoughtfully created to capitalize on diversity in designing authentic inspiration. A.F.X brand provides wearable art that captivates an international audience.

Interviewed special guest G4-4theladies. G4 is from Seat Pleasant, Maryland, representing the DMV.  Not many hip-hop artist blow up from this area, but he intends to change that.  Growing up without his father, football was his outlet which he had great success in the position of running back.  His first experience with music was when he turned to playing drums as a young teenager.  After that, he started messing around with cyphering sessions while running the streets with friends/associates.  

Working hard in the studio, he has five mixtapes:  “Funk Music”, “Playboy Status”, “Maryland Chronicles”, “S.O.L.O”, and “Don of DMV”.  His music is available on,,, and  Several videos such as “Chetta Lucci”, “Seat Pleasant Anthem”, “Broken Home”, and “Change Flows” just to name a few.  You can view these fine creations on sites like You Tube.   Such artists as TI, Drake, Scarface, Kendrick Lamar, and Bill Withers inspire him; I mean the list can go on.  While he is for the women, his music style covers a vast array of topics.  

Performing is his passion and he says he truly feels alive on stage.  He has performed at numerous venues in the DMV area and even as far as Canada.  Many days are spent in the studio with little to no sleep to accomplish his dreams.  Earlier this year, he released his debut album “Special Toast” which can be purchased on  Currently, G4-4theladies is working on a new project, to be released this fall, with fellow label mate titled “Money Pussy Drugs (MPDEP)”.  Take a listen: G4-4theladies - Broken Home

Interviewed special guest Ay-Rock. Ay-Rock born October 17, 1989 in Austin Texas, he seemed born for music. Ay-Rock is a talented artist, producer, and engineer, and hasn’t even reached his peak. He was introduced to music at a young age and began developing his own style. At the age of 9 he began writing as a form of escaping the troubles of reality, expressing his passion and sharing his thoughts with the world. They quickly transformed to the creation of lyrics. He felt that writing let him get out all his emotions and deal with the obstacles he had to face. As the years passed he began developing his style and creating his flow that can only be classified as versatile.

Ay-Rock spent years working on his craft to become a producer as well as an artist, creating many tracks in genres that range from rap, r&b, pop, and rock. Everyone who hears his work always has the same remark; “this is Ready To Go”. When he was 15 he created his own studio and was able to run a recording studio to further work on his craft, as well as create a skill of audio engineering.

As the years passed, Ay-Rock dug deeper into the engineering side of the music industry. He got more interested in mixing and mastering his own music from pre-production to final master. Attending The Art Institute of Washington for his Bachelor’s degree in Audio Production, he began studying the art of audio. In his own words, ”I know how I want music to sound and I wanted to learn how to perfect my music so I wouldn’t have to pay someone else to do it.”. With his collective skills, he landed jobs as an engineer in various studios in the DMV area working with artist such as; Wale, B.O.B, Maino, Raheem Devaughn, Logic, Shy Glizzy, & many more.

Currently Ay-Rock is working on his new project RTG (Ready To Go), which is also the name he deemed for his brand. "Many say they were "born to do this", but only few are capable to achieve greatness." - Ay-Rock

Interviewed special guest Gamal.Gamal is originally from Brooklyn, NY but is now currently residing in the DMV area, which is why he sometimes goes by the moniker “NYSouthernBoy”. He has a love and deep-rooted passion for all types of music but currently feels music is lacking the integrity, heart and soul it used to. Originally intending to simply be a fan and occasionally write for others, his love for music and believing he had a story that could potentially help change someone else’s life inspired him to make the introspective debut album “OMW-One Man’s Walk.” Gamal followed up his debut album with his new CD “Clean Ur House Music,” paying homage to the days when you bought a CD, unwrapped it, popped it in the CD deck and just let it play (no skipping) as you looked through the album booklet.

 The ability to share personal insight that relates to the people, give vivid storytelling that puts you in the life of his characters, and the gift to inspire others to want to achieve more, are a few of the gifts/talents that God has blessed Gamal with. Looking to simply the fill void of artist really impacting the lives of their peers and fans alike, Gamal is on a mission to change the ear of music. Enjoy in his success as his success is your success. The greatest part of the journey is never the arriving at but the lessons learned, the lives changed and the growth discovered along every bump, bruise and pain it took to get there. Take a listen:

Interviewed special guest Tiffany Yancey, Actress, Writer, Visual Artist. Tiffany grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia but currently resides in the DC Metro area where she pursued her acting endeavors soon after graduating from Temple University with B.A. in Communications in 1997. She studied her craft with renowned acting coaches Professor Vera Katz of Howard University & Woolly Mammoth Theater, On-Camera Training with Brenna McDonnough and sharpened her comedy skills at the DC Improv and Jokes On Us Comedy Club.

She blazed the local DC theater circuit honing her craft by landing numerous acting jobs throughout the area. Theater credits include principal roles with One Stage Productions, Chevy Chase Players, Prince Georges Theater and in Off Broadway shows with TSI/NYC Players and 440 Studios in New York. TV & Film credits include extra and principal work on the critically acclaimed show , HBO’s “The Wire” and feature film “Ladder 49” and a re-occurring role as the ever so feisty Lucinda King in the hit local soap opera “Snowden Crossing". She co-starred in the well-received indie film “Split Second” directed by Timothy Fontaine where she won the “Best Supporting Actress” award at the EOTM (Entrepreneurs On The Move) awards in Los Angeles. Tiffany most recently started her own company April Reign Productions, LLC which she writes, produces and stars in her own movie projects that tell stories from a woman’s perspective. Her first film “Love Him Or Leave Him” will be set to be released the summer of 2014. She is also studying screenwriting under the guidance of Yale University Professor Marc Lapadula.